Websites are a great way to promote a small business in the internet. But like most marketing strategies, it needs a lot of preparation. If you ask how much does a website cost, the simple answer is a website can cost you anywhere from $800 to $5000 and maybe ever more.  It depends on how much make money from your website business. Let’s say, if your make around $15,000 revenue per month, you should be able to spend around $5000 for the complete website design. Think of it as an investment you are putting up. The cost of website design  includes the design charge, programming, monthly web hosting fee and maintenance costs.

Buying a website is like buying a new car. The more facilities you want, the more you have to pay. Many web design companies charges around $2500 which is for basic website. The cost can go up to $4000 or $5000 depending upon the requirement of clients need. Apart from this, there are other web designers who give a complete website design in much less price. Now that doesn’t mean if you are paying less you are getting low quality design. These designers are have gained so many years of experience in website design business and they know the demand of smaller business companies who want to build a website is getting higher every year. They have specialized strategies to provide quality web design in much lower price than before.